Would a Border Water Canal Be Better Than President Trump’s Border Wall?

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By CrisEricson2016 | Tue, January 31 2017


POTUS stands for President of the United States of America. Our current President is Donald J. Trump and he wants to build a Border Wall between the United States of America and Mexico.

Some people think this is a male fantasy, a type of penis elongation wet dream, spitting out illegal aliens instead of sperm.

Many Presidents of the United States of America have been known to love sex, such as POTUS John F. Kennedy and POTUS Bill Clinton. Men with high testosterone levels need lots of activity to release their urges. Running for political office is therapy for them, they need to shake a lot of hands, they need all that contact with people. They probably have some honey bee DNA.

President Donald J. Trump probably also has some pittbull DNA from eating genetically modified foods, as well as…

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