28 February, 2017 02:33

The Dakota Access Petroleum Pipeline will cross under the Missouri River near the Standing Rock Sioux Native American Indian Reservation … More

27 February, 2017 21:51

If you want to eat healthy fish, we must BAN sewage treatment plants from dumping treated sewage into Lake Champlain, … More

27 February, 2017 18:24

Stop dumping treated sewage from sewage treatment plants into Lake Champlain, and instead, pipe the treated sewage to industrial uses.

27 February, 2017 18:15

When Black people were Slaves, marijuana and hemp were legal. Now, they are forced to do prison labor when arrested … More

27 February, 2017 06:07

After. Snow shovelling. In Vermont it would be nice to enjoy. A. Hot cup of. Marijuana. Tea. So. Let. Us … More

27 February, 2017 06:00

almost 8pm. Sunday Feb. 24. I keep. Getting knocked. Off. The internet. Over. And over. Again!