31 March, 2017 22:28

When Cris Ericson was a child there were 25,000 farms in Vermont and no food stamp program. Now there are … More

31 March, 2017 20:47

March 31, 2017 Spring snow just starting with Cris Ericson in Chester, Vermont 05143 follow her on Twitter @CrisEricson2018 We … More

31 March, 2017 20:02

Please send a donation to the campaign to Elect Cris Ericson for U.S. CONGRESS 2018, to 879 Church Street, Chester, … More

31 March, 2017 19:45

March 31, 2017 Cris Ericson 879 Church Street, Chester, Vermont 05143 Please mail a donation for my 2018 political campaign: … More

30 March, 2017 04:25

March 29, 2017 my first bottle of home brewed wine with wild strawberries. Yeast is a fungus that eats fruit … More

28 March, 2017 16:36

Cris Ericson is the World’s #1 political candidate for being kicked out of Facebook more times and more often than … More

25 March, 2017 23:42

Snowing right. Now. Facebook keeps kicking cris. Ericson out so look for cristina erisona

25 March, 2017 17:07

Facebook. Is. Demanding a photo i.d. But I will. Never give that to them because they could sell copies of. … More

24 March, 2017 19:08

Facebook blocked US. MARIJUANA party. Of. VERMONT 2018 political. Candidate Cris Ericson from. Another facebook page!!!

24 March, 2017 06:00

Facebook disabled. The. Account of. 2018 political. Candidate. CRIS ERICSON FOR. The United States Marijuana Party!!!.

21 March, 2017 16:54

Facebook is. Now blocking me. From. Sending. A message. To. Wayward. Bill. This demand for. A photo. I.d. Appeared. When. … More

21 March, 2017 02:47

Most of the people. On. Facebook named “Cris Ericson” are all me, but facebook keeps kicking me out so I … More

20 March, 2017 23:43

I used. The. Verification. Code google. Sent and they still. Won’t verify. My email and. Someone hacked. And changed. The. … More

20 March, 2017 22:28

Facebook is. Harrassing me. Again today asking. Me to provide. A. Security code which they. Do not send!

3 March, 2017 00:09

Neighbor house .on left claims my. Trees in middle. Of. Photo are. Threatening his house. Electric company. Has right of. … More