Cris Ericson

January 21


I am hoping our brand spanking new President,
Donald Trump, will create a White House version of
“The Apprentice”, something like “Live at the
White House” where President Donald Trump could
fire his Chief of Staff frequently for unethical
conduct or mis-spelling errors, or for coming back
from lunch break reeking of marijuana smoke, even
though marijuana is legal in Washington, D.C. – or
will Donald Trump decide to allow employees of
the White House to smoke a toke on lunch break?
We need to know!

President Donald Trump could fire the Chef and
Housekeeper as well, every time a tourist on the
White House Tour
stumbles upon one of those cockroaches the tourists
laugh at, or silently shriek when they see them crawling,
because their own homes have fewer pests.

Oh, and remember also, that marijuana is legal
in Washington, D.C., so now the cockroaches have
the munchies. The little bugs have more rights
than you and I do in most states of the United States
to inhale marijuana smoke and stash it in the little
cockroach nests.

Remember also, now-a-days, the cockroaches could be
fully automated spy robotic computer crawlers.

I will go further, and suggest that President Donald
Trump entertain us by installing “live-cam”
hidden video cameras around the White House
so we can enjoy his staff humping each other in
closets, and taking bribes from newspaper reporters,
and smoking marijuana on the White House Lawn out
back, because, of course, marijuana is legal in
Washington, D.C. but not in most of the states
we live in! What ever happened to the promise
of all people being treated equally?

Of course, I want President Donald Trump to create
the “President Donald Trump Pardon T.V. Show”,
to air weekly, with his television staff selecting
the most picturesque, sexy, or downright scary looking
convicts from prisons nationwide in the USA, as well
as the mothers ripped from their babies and thrown
into prison for mere marijuana possession.

President Trump could chose six finalists each week to be
questioned by him in the Oval Office, in prison
jump suits and chains, providing each one a couple
minutes to explain why Mr. Trump should chose her or
him to give the Pardon to.

Then, President Trump could send them back to prison
for a month on a quest to do good by volunteering
to help another inmate in some way, or by creating
a profitable behind-bars business.

Each week, President Trump could grant one
pardon, after airing hidden video camera footage of
guards abusing prisoners on the bus on the way
to the White House.

The group of prisoners selected for a possible pardon
might inclue a murderer, a rapist, a white collar
criminal who stole or embezzled millions, a heroin drug seller,
a mere marijuana possession convict,
and someone sentenced almost for life for a crime he or
she was tried for “as an adult” but for which the crime
committed was done as an under age minor child.

President Donald Trump should also hire musicians, some
who will be stoned on marijuana because they need it
for creative impulses, and after all, they will be in
Washington, D.C. where marijuana is legal,
to create a theme song for the show, something memorable,
we can all sing along with each week, with a chorus
about how they can smoke pot in Washington, D.C.
and most of us can not, without terrible jeopardy.

“Die sonder sond is” (He that is without sin).

Cris Ericson
2018 Vote for Cris Ericson in Vermont!
(802)289-1000 text only



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