Meet the candidate’s dog, Daisy!
Daisy is the Official campaign dog for the
Campaign to Elect Cris Ericson for United States Congress 2018.

Z dog has been the official campaign dog starting in 2003,
but Z dog will be 16 years old in 2018, so we are HOPING
that MEDICAL MARIJUANA FOR PETS will be legal by then!

Z dog is a queenly LEO, and still does the absolute majority of barking at strangers and strange sounds and smells on Cris Ericson’s property. Daisy is a friendly Aquarius and inclined to think everyone and everything is all just wonderful!

Here’s the problem: Two Veterinarians say that Daisy is a
Hound Mix, and certified as such. The doggie DNA test
from Wisdom Panel (search google for Wisdom Panel)
shows that Daisy has some Pittbull and Chow Chow
in her. So, beware, don’t pet Daisy, don’t tell your
children to pet Daisy, even though she is candidate
Cris Ericson’s dog, no matter how friendly she appears,
because she is only 1 (ONE) year old now, and we can not
be certain of her traits. One Veterinarian stated that Daisy is a Hunting Dog – Pointer. Both Veterinarians state
that Daisy is NOT a Pittbull – Chow Chow and the doggie
DNA test is wrong!!!

Cris Ericson is concerned because when Daisy was
4 months old and she smelled a Hot Dog fresh cooked
for the very first time, she growled and snarled and
let it be known that SHE WANTED THAT THING!

On the other hand, when the Furnace Cleaner guy came
to clean the heating oil furnace, Daisy ran and hid under
the bed because she was afraid of him!

Well, we’ll see, at one (1) year it is time to start seeing
just what kind of adult personality Daisy will have, and
wonder how well she will do on the 2018 campaign trail!



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