U.S. House “Freedom Caucus” Is Using Facebook To Deny Voters Freedom Of Speech To Communicate With Them

By CrisEricson2016 | Wed, April 05 2017
Open Letter To The United States Congress, House of Representatives, Freedom Caucus and Mark Meadows Freedom Caucus Has An “Official” Facebook Page But Facebook Keeps Kicking Me Out And Depriving Me Of Freedom Of Speech To Leave You Comments!!!

I left you a message on your official Facebook page for the House Freedom Caucus today, and shortly afterwards at about 3:30 PM today April 5, 2017, I was kicked out of Facebook, again.

I have been suddenly kicked out of Facebook many times over the years that I have been a perennial political candidate in Vermont.

My name is Cris Ericson, and in the 2008 election cycle, after my petitions were filed so that I would be on the Vermont official election ballot, I went to the DMV in Springfield, VT to update my license, and I was told I did not exist in their computer, then I went to Social Security in Rutland, VT and was told I did not exist in their computer. Not only was I at risk of losing my house, my car, my drivers’ license and bank account, I also had only about 30 days to get to court and repair the damage done so that I would still be on the Vermont official election ballot.

When I went camping in Woodstock, NY in 2008, with family, my brother had to verify for me because the state police who run the campground we stayed in in Woodstock, NY stated that my drivers’ license was not valid, and they required a drivers’ license from each adult camper. I succeeded in court and got my name and social security number returned to me, but I never found out who did this to me. I did file some online federal fraud


Even though Facebook states that they will erase your information from their server, that does not preclude them from selling your
information FIRST to foreigners or to anyone else with a server which can hold that information.

The House Freedom Caucus uses Facebook as their official way of communicating with voters, and so they appear to be in some kind of conspiracy with Facebook to deny me freedom of speech.

Every time Facebook kicks me out FOR REFUSING TO UPLOAD MY
IDENTIFICATION TO THEM, I have to create a new email address and a new Facebook account and start all over again making friends. This might have to do with Facebook in a previous campaign cycle having a forum with Vermont candidates for the office of Governor, which fraudulently stated that there were only so many candidates, while excluding me. Furthermore, in 2014 someone hacked into my Twitter account and sent out Tweets that look like they are written in Russian. I did not send them, someone else hacked
into my account and sent them from my account.
Cris Ericson
879 Church Street
Chester, VT 05143


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