Mail Theft? Hacked Website? How Hard It Is To Be A Perennial Political Candidate in Vermont!

Cris Ericson reports:

On live television, Vermont PBS,

in my 2016 campaign,

I stated that my website,

which I purchased from GoDaddy,

was hacked into, so I moved

to the U.S. Marijuana Party website;

and I stated that

when I was still

a Democratic Party Primary Election candidate.

Now, I see that I was billed more than I expected

by GoDaddy,

and probably didn’t have time during the campaign

season to look at my bank statements carefully


or didn’t receive them .

I often don’t get my regular mail

There is a GoDaddy product I did not even order,

the Office 365 Starter Email,

I didn’t even order that.

I never used it.

I gave up on the GoDaddy website

because it was hacked in to.

I just called GoDaddy to cancel the Website Builder

and Email products, but I kept my domain with GoDaddy.

I did ask if I was being billed for anything else I was not

informed about. My domain is pre-paid for years to come.

Being a perennial political candidate is difficult

in Vermont, where the Democrats seem most likely

to be the hackers and mail thieves, but I can’t prove it.

The Democrats excluded me from the majority of

debates and forums in the 2016 political Primary Election

campaign season, so that’s why I suspect them.

Cris Ericson
1-802-289-1000 cell phone, text messages only!


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