Stop the F-35 Strike Fighter Jets from being based in a populated civilian neighborhood in Vermont!

Daisy dog is ready for camping and the
2017 – 2018 political campaign trail!
Z dog will go along, too!

2018 Vote for Cris Ericson in Vermont
for U.S. Congress and for Governor of Vermont.

Cris Ericson will run for two offices,
with two campaign dogs
because she is twice as determined
as other candidates
to make marijuana legal
under state and federal laws!
please join the U.S. Marijuana Party!
Thank you!

Cris Ericson is looking for band members
to put a band together and play songs like
a song against nuclear war, that sort of thing,
to promote her political campaign.
Cris Ericson is against basing
F-35 strike fighter jets in the most
populated county in the most
populated neighborhood in Vermont,
adjacent to the Burlington International
Airport, because they are designed to be
dual capable to carry nuclear weapons,
and that is not safe to store nucelar
weapons in a citizen neighborhood
fulls of homes and children and schools.

The F-35 strike fighter jets are so loud
you can bet your Hound dog will be



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