14 May, 2017 08:43

Cannot tell. If. I. Am. A victim of a. Hacker or a wrongful. Action. By. Godaddy.com. But this will. Be … More

9 May, 2017 19:47

Holy Bible Old Testament Genesis GOD gave us every seed bearing plant. PRESIDENT DONALD Trump: in God we trust, how … More

9 May, 2017 00:14

Are you. An adult? Isn’t it time to demand. Your. Freedom to make your. Own. Choices? GOD. Wants people. To … More

9 May, 2017 00:06

Most mature adults in Vermont who have. Tried. Marijuana. Think it. Is fun. People. Work hard & need to relax! … More

8 May, 2017 23:56

Come on! Hurry. Up &. Call. Your. State. Representatives. And. Senators. In Vermont. And tell. Them. To make. Marijuana legal … More

8 May, 2017 23:48

Vermonters please call. Your state senators &. Representatives today. &. Tomorrow because they will. Be back in session. Wednesday. Get … More

7 May, 2017 18:11

From the. Cell. Phone of cris ericson a snapshot of. A. Computer file. Right now on her dell notebook computer. … More

7 May, 2017 04:31

When. Cris Ericson was. 18 to 20. She. Attended. GODDARD COLLEGE. in Plainfield, Vermont. At. That. Time. VERMONT PRISONS. WERE … More

6 May, 2017 00:25

Nice. Weather. Yesterday. Washed the dog’s. Blankets. Raining. Today & computer. Won’t work. (sent. By. Cris ericson on cell phone. … More

4 May, 2017 00:35

Do you. Feel. Like you. Are. Being hounded. And stalked. On the internet by. Corporations which. The u.s.supreme. Court determined … More

3 May, 2017 16:57

Do I. Have a virus or. A russian. Hacker. Keep in. Mind I live in vermont & u.s. Senator. Bernie. … More

3 May, 2017 01:16

First spring. Flowers. In my. Yard 2017 -ooops!. I. Just got stung. By a hornet! That hurts!