The state of Vermont restricts commerce in medical marijuana by only allowing four medical marijuana dispensaries to exist in the entire state.

The medical marijuana dispensaries had to pay a lot of money to the state of Vermont to get one of these very few licenses to sell medical marijuana.

In other words, only the rich would be allowed to get richer selling medicine to poor disabled people.

Now, the only four medical marijuana dispensaries allowed to exist in Vermont may be allowed to expand. “Vermont has four licensed dispensaries.
The approved measure would allow each existing dispensary
to open two more locations in under-served areas.”

Instead of allowing new people into the business of selling
medical marijuana, the state of Vermont is only allowing the existing businesses to expand.
That is not capitalism,
that is not the free market spirit.
That is government
of the rich, by the rich and for the rich.
The dispensaries are making big money
and patients complain about the high prices!

If the expansion to the Vermont medical marijuana
law is passed, then people suffering from Crohn’s
disease and post traumatic stress disorder will
qualify under state law (but not under federal laws.)

The other new item on this bill, if it passes,
is that patients will no longer have to chose between
growing medical marijuana and buying medical
marijuana because they will be able to do either.

Remember, patients who receive social security
disability or who live in federally subsidized housing
or who receive food stamps (federal SNAP
program) or federal fuel assistance in Vermont
are at risk of losing their benefits
if they apply for a medical marijuana card
in Vermont. It’s an issue of entrapment.


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