FEDERAL MARIJUANA LAWS PARTS 1, 2 AND 3 ON ibrattleboro.com PLEASE READ & SHARE (more parts to come!)

http://ibrattleboro.com/sections/other/part-3-federal-marijuana-laws-20-years-and-not-more-life-imprisonment-etc Part 3 Federal Marijuana Laws,
“20 Years and Not More Than Life Imprisonment”, Etc!

Part 1 Federal Marijuana Laws
http://ibrattleboro.com/sections/other/part-1-federal-marijuana-laws-tru… Previously, in Part 1, we looked at food stamps & marijuana, federal forest land & marijuana, federal immigration laws & marijuana, and U.S. Military law & marijuana.
http://ibrattleboro.com/sections/other/part-1-federal-marijuana-laws-tru… INCLUDES: 7 USC 2014; 7 USC 2209e; 8 USC 1182; 8 USC §1227; 8 USC 1254a; 8 USC 1255; 10 USC 912a;
16 USC 559b;16 USC §559c

Part 2 Federal Marijuana Laws
http://ibrattleboro.com/sections/other/part-2-federal-marijuana-laws-gov… We start off with Title 18 Criminal laws: explosives & marijuana; prisons & marijuana;
and then Title 19 international treaties & marijuana. Please keep in mind that changing state
marijuana laws does NOT change federal laws
which are spelled three different ways in the federal laws:
marijuana, marihuana and cannabis.


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