F-35 strike fighter jets are dual capable to carry nuclear weapons, so do not belong near civilian airport!

The F-35 strike fighter jets are being designed to be dual capable to carry nuclear weapons, and therefore, they do not belong adjacent to the civilian Burlington International Airport in Vermont because that would be like handing candy to potential terrorists who could enter the airport and surrounding facilities dressed like any other American or innocent enough looking tourist, and then find their way to the storage places
adjacent to the civilian Burlington International Airport in Vermont (scrutinize Court documents for more info on storage pertaining to F-35 jets).

http://www.businessinsider.com/f-35-b-61-nuclear-bomb-sooner-than-expected-2017-1 Jan 12, 2017 The Air Force designed the F-35A with nuclear capability in mind, and a new report indicates that the Joint Strike Fighter may carry nuclear…

https://www.defensetech.org/2017/01/10/f-35-carry-b61-nuclear-warhead-sooner-planned/ The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is slated to be armed with the B61 nuclear bomb as early as 2020, but could carry the weapon sooner, a general said. …The F-35 was designed with a requirement to carry the nuclear payload — and in 2015 flew with the device to measure its vibration…

http://www.popularmechanics.com/military/a24712/the-f-35-may-become-nuke-capable-sooner-than-expected/ The F-35 May Become Nuke-Capable Sooner Than Expected
Joint Strike Fighter could carry new tactical nuclear bombs in just a few short years.

http://www.realcleardefense.com/articles/2017/03/03/the_f-35_in_the_second_nuclear_age_110904.html The F-35 is entering into operations precisely as the second nuclear age becomes a key strategic reality…The F-35 when married to a small yield nuclear weapon clearly can be a key part of such an
evolution….The F-35 is a block upgradeable aircraft; in the fourth block in the evolution of the aircraft, currently under design and testing, nuclear weapons delivery will be integrated onto the aircraft….Currently, only the F-35A is being considered for nuclear weapons delivery, although it would not take a great deal, to evolve the F-35C, the carrier-based F-35, to have this capability as well….Combing an aircraft integrated sensors and target acquisition, and able to so in a passive sensing environment, with a low yield nuclear weapon clearly can introduce a new tool set into an integrated warfighting strategy appropriate to dealing with smaller nuclear powers, or deterring a power like Russia which has recently threatened the use of tactical nuclear weapons against NATO powers, notably in Northern Europe.



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