10 July, 2017 20:51

July 10, 2017
Online Form
Message to the Democrat Party in Vermont
Montpelier Office:
73 Main Street, Suite 400
Montpelier, VT 05602


Are the Vermont Democrats going to continue the facist,
totalitarian, abusive, and evil practice of refusing
to allow low income women candidates into all debates
and forums? Are you going to continue proving that
you only believe in government of the rich, by the rich,
and for the rich and wealthy? How many different ways
will you try to keep me, Cris Ericson, off of the 2018
Democratic Primary Election Ballot, just because you
prefer to limit Vermonters choices, and you despise
and loathe real democracy?
Let me know, because if you abuse me like you abused
me in 2016 by refusing to allow me to participate in
debates and forums as a previous 2016 Democratic
Primary Election candidate, I will do everything legal
that is possible to warn and inform voters that the
Democratic Party is not democratic, but instead,
is a facist, totalitarian, money worshiping, bunch of
evil people. You have a choice, real democracy,
or if you refuse to participate in real democracy,
I will use my freedom of speech to do every thing
legal that I can do to try to keep your evil money
lusting totalitarian facist candidates from winning.

Cris Ericson
879 Church Street
Chester, Vermont 05143
1-802-289-1000 text messages only!


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