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30 September, 2017 10:02

Rainy day in Chester, Vermont 05143. Please remember to vote for Cris Ericson 2018!

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28 September, 2017 08:51

I want my money refunded from 1-903-589-3705 because they sent me a refurbished computer that did not work and then a cd for windows 10 that would not activate because it gave an error code when I put in the product key on the bottom of the computer. I WANT my money back!

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23 September, 2017 12:46

Hidden in Vermont is this 1889 farm barn with a brick silo on Rte 103 North in Chester, Vermont 05143. PLEASE vote for Cris Ericson 2018 and help revive rural farms by making marijuana, cannabis & hemp 100% legal & lawful under state & federal law!

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BEWARE: Planet Jupiter Opposite Uranus Sept. 28 at 1 a.m. WATCH OUT!!!

The planet Jupiter will be opposite the planet Uranus
on September 28, 2017 at 1:00 a.m.
Jupiter will be 27 degrees & 22 minutes Libra,
a peaceful sign,
Uranus will be 27 degrees & 22 minutes Aries,
a war-like sign.
Jupiter is slow to act, but when Uranus is exactly
opposite Jupiter,
then there is a very sudden change.

The question is: what sudden change will occur?

Stay tuned for more entirely unprofessional
astrological predictions by
2018 perennial political candidate, Cris Ericson.

2018 Vote for Cris Ericson
for Governor of Vermont
and for United States Congress,
House of Representatives.

Campaign to Elect Cris Ericson 2018
879 Church Street
Chester, Vermont 05143-9375
1-802-289-1000 text messages only!