Robert Mueller is truly one-sided!

Robert Mueller is truly one-sided and should resign
immediately as investigator into alleged Russian
wrongdoing in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Why is he so very one-sided and un-ethical?
Because, no matter which hour you use to insert
as his possible hour of birth on the day he was
born, August 7, 1944,
Robert Mueller’s birth chart is half empty!
He only looks at one side of an issue.
He only tries to find fault with one side,
and he does not try to investigate both sides,
or all sides, of any issue or circumstances.

Robert Mueller’s astrological world view is that
one side is always 100% blameless!
Unfortunately, it is the Democrats that
Robert Mueller seriously and willfully and
intentionally believes are snow white and
lily clean!

Astrologically, Robert Mueller is clearly

This astrological babble has been brought to
you by Cris Ericson, who believes that
Nancy Reagan ran the White House
with guidance from astrology.


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