Cris Ericson 2018 for US Congress discusses “terrorism”

Cris Ericson 2018 for US Congress discusses “terrorism”.


Do the threats of terrorism justify the
surveillance of US citizens,
the spying on allied foreign leaders,
the erosion of personal

We have to
stop drone strikes
against foreign countries which the
U.S. Congress has not
declared war against, or we will create
more terrorists.

Terrorism is the use of violence as
a political policy and
weapon to intimidate and
subjugate people.

Every time the United States kills
innocent children abroad with
our targeted drone strikes, we
become the terrorists in the
minds and their hearts of
the survivors.

We are
on a path of escalating and
un-ending violence.

We have to
get off this path before we
blow up the world as we know it with
nuclear weapons.

F-35 strike fighter jets are being
designed to be dual
capable to carry nuclear weapons.

For every nation we give weapons to,
their enemies become
our enemies because they know the
weapons are American.

If Israel uses nuclear weapons against
the Gaza strip in
Palestine then all of
the fish in the
Mediterranean Sea will die or be too
radioactive to eat.
All of the tourist beaches will have to
close down.

The consequences of bombing with a
nuclear bomb include
humans and animals rotting
if they are not immediately turned
to ashes. Their dead bodies will
become infected with viruses
and bacteria, and insects will feed
off them and spread disease,
causing mass epidemics.

If the United States of America bombs
North Korea without the approval first of
the United States Congress, then we
subvert our own democracy.

Bombing creates exothermic decomposition
products of the bombs when they detonate,
which includes lead dust,
and the lead dust goes into the soil and water
of the country we bomb, creating health problems
for years to come.

2018 Vote Cris Ericson
Campaign to Elect Cris Ericson 2018
for U.S. Congress
879 Church Street
Chester, Vermont, 05143-9375
1(802)289-1000 text messages only


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