Vermont has a reputation as a “rogue state” and a lot of
people love that reputation. Vermont also has a reputation for being Bernie Sanders Socialist Republic of Vermont, and a
lot of people love that reputation. Does Vermont really need a third reputation as a state that allows minor children to
appear on the Official Election Ballot which is a way of
exploiting children to advance the anti-gun agenda and other political issues possibly being drilled into the little head of the minor boy child
“candidate for governor of Vermont”
Ethan Sonneborn, age about 13 or 14;
political issues preached to him possibly by
his mother who may be a wanna-be stage Mom like so many
mothers in Hollywood, California who will do almost anything, or anything, to get their kid on t.v.;
or maybe lobbyists are wining and dining
little minor boy child Ethan Sonneborn’s
Momma and coaching her on how to fill his head up with
political issues on their agenda. It’s all child exploitation because this little minor child boy, age 13 or 14, Ethan
Sonneborn, does NOT have the life experience and
education to understand the adult world, and this time
in his little, young life is NOT the time to put him in
a room at a remote location Governors’ Conference with
adult men and women drinking alcoholic beverages,
some of whom might think he’s just too adorable.

Vermont & Federal Child Labor Laws violated by Jim Condos???

Att. Gen. OPINION Please!!!

From: Cris Ericson Tue, Apr 17, 2018 at 5:46 PM

To:,,,, (etc.)

Dear Thomas “TJ” Donovan,
Vermont Attorney General, April 17, 2018

I am writing to request that you write a public “opinion”.
RE: Minor Child Boy age 13 or 14, Ethan Sonneborn

Are Vermont & Federal Child Labor Laws and
the Vermont consent law
being violated by Jim Condos???

As a Vermont registered voter I would like to speak up against the Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos for allegedly allowing minor children to run for Governor of Vermont on the premise that there is no Elections Statute opposed to it.

There are state and federal child labor laws opposed to any
child age 14 or under working full time, and the Governor’s
job is a full time job.

Also, every candidate must file a candidate consent form,
which uses the word “consent” five times on the form,
and there is a Vermont Statute which does not allow a
minor child under age 18 to give “consent”.

My third complaint about Jim Condos allegedly allowing
children to run for the Office of Governor of Vermont is
that national Movie and Television Industry health and safety code laws prohibit a minor child to appear on
television, such as a political candidate debate broadcast
nationwide on C-Span, for more than a few minutes
at a time under the hot, bright television lights in the studio, and candidate debates are generally 90 minutes long.

Additionally, I am concerned that with three television
cameras at every debate,
each of the two camera television footage shots
taken by the two cameras
out of three
which are edited out
during the live performance in a debate,
will be sold as “out-take” footage to a company like
Walt Disney to insert the footage into a children’s movie,
or someone similar to alleged sex maniac,
Harvey Weinstein, or any child predator or pedophile,
or someone with the intent to exploit a child.
Remember, every bit of footage can be edited with other

It is possible that Ethan Sonneborn had a Bar Mitzvah
and thinks he’s a man at age 13; but we must have a
separation of religion and practical politics.
Remember, if you do your research, Jewish men are known
in news stories to nake naked baths with boys and have had
accusations made against them, similar to Catholic Priests.
Just because a minor child boy age 13 is a “man” in his
choice of religion, does not make him a “man” under
Vermont state and federal child labor laws.

The possibilities of child exploitation are huge.
I object to minor children under age 18 being allowed to
run for Governor of Vermont, and I hope that Vermont
Secretary of State, Jim Condos, will see the error of his
ways before Vermont gets a reputation for child exploitation.

Using a child to be “cute” on television like a puppy
is a bad way to increase ratings for candidate debates.
Years ago, one of the times I ran against Peter Welch
for US Congress, his staff called WNYT in Albany,
New York and objected to me having my puppy on T.V.
as a prop, because Peter Welch had apparently
complained that my dog would get all the votes!

Why don’t you read state and federal child labor laws
before acting in conspiracy to take us back over a
hundred years when children were forced to work
brutal hours in horrid conditions in factories in the
United States? Child labor laws were put in place
for a reason.

Any major party candidate for Governor of Vermont
who does not actively oppose a minor child being on the ballot, will certainly not get my vote in the Primary Election in August 2018. If none of them stand up to oppose child exploitation and violations of state and federal child labor laws,
then I might just skip the Primary Election.

The first thing you need to tell children is that the
Primary Election is totally and completely corrupt,
anyway. I ran in 2006 in the Republican Primary
and was excluded from the majority of debates
and forums. I ran in 2016 in the Democratic Primary
and was excluded from the majority of debates
and forums. And now, you want to replace me
with a 13 year old minor boy child?
Well, God Bless America! It is actually the adults
teaching the children about bullying!

Cris Ericson


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