21 June, 2019 18:04

First day of summer in Chester, VT 05143 U.S.A.


5 June, 2019 05:35

Photo: CHESTER, Vermont 05143 Firehouse

The real scandal is when the Republicans conspire with the Democrats to engage in political candidate debates which exclude non-major party and independent candidates. When this involves so-called non-profit organizations which receive taxpayer dollars, then this amounts to illegal in-kind campaign contributions promoting the major parties while discouraging voters from voting for non-major parties. The Democrats and Republicans in Vermont, in conspiracy with Vermont Public Television and CCTV and others, should be charged with hate crimes against non-major party candidates for excluding them and depriving them of equal freedom of speech and equal freedom of association.


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Cris Ericson | C-SPAN.org

Official Campaign Web Site – Cris Ericson | Library of Congress https://www.loc.gov/item/lcwaE0000272/
Title: Official Campaign Web Site – Cris Ericson

23 May, 2019 07:18

Canadian owned Green Mountain Power electric company has a “right of way” across my back yard & for 6 weeks I have been asking them to remove dead trees which could possibly fall on the power lines. The local supervisor, Al Neff, told Green Mountain Power he would do it “later”. Al Neff’s wife said he is retiring May 31st. I then called Al Neff’s boss, Mike Burke (802)655-8520 and he said a tree guy would call me but no one has. VERMONT SHOULD take Green Mountain Power back from the Canadians.

22 May, 2019 14:20

Paint your roof red if you do not approve of the U.S. CONGRESS continuing to “investigate” President Donald Trump with NO evidence of wrong-doing. Would YOU want the government to investigate YOU with no evidence of wrong-doing for YEARS hoping to find something to throw you in prison for? Paint your roof red if you believe the Democrats are facist, totalitarian pigs out to destroy the U.S. CONSTITUTION AND PUT AN END TO UNSUBSTANTIATED & ENDLESS INVESTIGATIONS.